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Phoenix DMR repeater network now available via the DV4-mini and other dongles.

At long last you can now use your dv4-mini, sharkrf and DV mega etc to access the (local for us) Phoenix repeaters / talk groups. This should give DMR a little bit of a kick start and hopefully allow a bit more activity on the local repeaters and allow more interaction from abroad. DV4Mini In […]

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Trilogy / kydera cdm-550h 40 Watts UHF Mobile DMR

So the 550 arrived and this is a quick demonstration of what in the box and how to set it up. Please throw away the CD, its not needed and is probably not a good idea to place on your PC, please download software from trilogy.org.uk web site. Box contains the usb / programming cable, […]

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Make your DMR text messages work between various radios.

One of the first things you may notice when playing with different DMR radios of different brands is their inability to exchange text messages, in most part this is because the most high end manufacturers like Motorola and Hytera use their own format for sending data over the air, this has always been the case […]

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Un-boxing trilogy-850

Quick video unboxing the trilogy-850, note when you hear the beep tone its because someone else was using the repeater (GB7HR) at the same time. On screen you will see BS-Time out, this also happens if the repeater cannot be reached to far away. Plain cardboard box with the radio, battery 2 x antenna ┬áprogramming […]

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DMR features, several short videos

We had a few questions in recently about how DMR works in a real world situation and what the additional features do and how they can be used. We set up a small Lab and did a bit of testing to show you what can be done and created a few short video examples. Be […]

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Encoding and Decoding DMR

Using a free piece of software called DSD Plus, I am able to decode DMR radio signals using my airspy (SDR). In this video you can hear me talking into a Trilogy 850.   In this next video we enable digital encryption on the radio (random string of numbers) and as you will hear the […]