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Chertsey Radio club introduces MB6ICU

Today after friendly discussions with Ofcom and RSGB ETCC, We are very happy to announce the Chertsey DMR / Brandmaster hotspot MB6ICU Access is on¬†434.5125 Talkgroup is TG9 (local) ¬†colour code 1 and slot 2 MB6ICU is mostly on Brandmaster channel 4400 You can control the channel by setting your code plug up as follows […]

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Brand Master dashboard

Have you taken a look at the Brand Master dashboard lately? Dashboard link   Filtered on MB6 nodes you can see there are only the 2 Chertsey radio club nodes Clicking on data visualization and then network structure you get the above network map   Zooming in over the UK section and highlighting MB6ICU   […]

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Trilogy now featured on DMR-UK.net vendors list


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Getting ready to use GPS / APRS on your DMR radio

GPS Position Reporting. Among other features, DMR supports GPS position reporting. This was created for the Part 90 world, not ham radio. There is no provision for sending your ham radio call sign along with your position report so unlike with APRS, Part 97 ID requirements are not being met if your radio is making […]