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Phoenix DMR repeater network now available via the DV4-mini and other dongles.

At long last you can now use your dv4-mini, sharkrf and DV mega etc to access the (local for us)

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Trilogy / kydera cdm-550h 40 Watts UHF Mobile DMR

So the 550 arrived and this is a quick demonstration of what in the box and how to set it

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Chertsey Radio club introduces MB6ICU

Today after friendly discussions with Ofcom and RSGB ETCC, We are very happy to announce the

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Make your DMR text messages work between various radios.

a-OkHCoBazA One of the first things you may notice when playing with different DMR radios of

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Un-boxing trilogy-850

4PmoUuUnll8 Quick video unboxing the trilogy-850, note when you hear the beep tone its because

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Brand Master dashboard

Have you taken a look at the Brand Master dashboard lately? Dashboard link   Filtered on

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Getting ready to use GPS / APRS on your DMR radio

GPS Position Reporting. Among other features, DMR supports GPS position reporting. This was created

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