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Who are we

Who are we


Trilogy is a radio re-seller based in the UK.

We started life as an Amateur radio club project, looking into the best quality, cost effective DMR radio available on the market. We are now so confident in our products that we have expanded to the commercial market.

Our radio’s have been reviewed in Land Mobile magazine (October / November 2016) and Practical Wireless magazine January 2017


We work with several Chinese manufacturers directly which allows us to have a great relationship with them and develop their hardware and software. The Kydera radios (850, 760 and 990) all have a custom firmware and software based on the work and feedback we gave to them during our many months of testing.

As a company we are able to sell a single radio or create a package to suit your business needs. We are happy to set up and configure the radio’s and can easily provide a demonstration on site as needed. contracts and rentals are also available as required.

Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail with any questions or to see how our radios can be of service to you.