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Sales and Purchasing

Sales and Purchasing

As we are exporting the Radio’s from China, we are subject to not only changes in the US Dollar rate, but import tax and holding fee’s from the courier. So we will always calculate the best price on the day for you and if you want the radio delivered direct or via us for programming and setting up.

We do not Add VAT or any mark up on the radio equipment, just the shipping, import taxes and exchange rate that we have to pay.

Radios come with a full 1 years manufacturers warranty on the radio and 6 months on the accessories. repairs are possible outside of this and we hold a limited amount stock for easy replacement as needed.

Business and volume customers should contact us to discuss discounts and packages as we will be able to get a better deal directly from the manufacturer. Radios custom build to suit your needs and shipped direct to you or via us for programming as needed.

Amateur radio and individual users should contact us and we will get the best price for a single unit


Payment direct to bank account

We accept direct payment to our UK bank account.

Details will be sent with your invoice.

PayPal and Western Union

We can set up these online methods, however we have found the charges compared to a direct bank payment are very high and costs will be passed on to the customer. Loosing 10-20% cost us money given the low prices we already charge!