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TYT MD-2017 DMR dual bandDMR Tier2

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TYT MD-2017 DMR dual bandDMR Tier2

Update 25/5/2017

@HAMDMRUK release the first video showing off the fully packet menu’s and options.

Some great new features like being able to record 8 hours of audio, along with ID, data etc.

Update 24/5/2017

Confirmed with @HAMDMRUK they have possession of the radio now and will be setting up and testing.

 Please e-mail DMRUK on  dmr@hamdmr.co.uk, tell them we (Trilogy / Chertsey radio club) sent you…

Update 20/5/2017

Battle of who has exclusive sales rights to the MD-2017 continue

Well this just got awkward?

MLS factory appointed supplier……..

Update 19/5/2017

Today we get the news that, having agreed to buy the sample and resell the radio, that TYT have agreed to sell to another local Ham store exclusively.

We are really sorry and feel as let down as you,

(1) I am sorry,hope you do not pay yet, because we have dealer in your country now

(2) I am really sorry, you can contact Paypal for money drawback

Our dealer are testing samples, if you need MD-2017, you can buy from our dealer!

Update 18/5/2017

Please check PI attached
And we also need your tel no. for shipment

Regular price is 110(simple)/118usd(GPS)

But please note that our MOQ is 50pcs ,and retailer price should not less than 219/229usd

CSP software now available to download

includes USB programming cable drivers 32 and 64 bit.


 Update 16/5/2017

Hi James,
Actually samples will be available until tomorrow, so i do not know where your competitor can get MD-2017
About the retailer price, don’t worry,we will let our dealer to change above 219usd/pc, otherwise we will not sell to them in order to protect market

Update: 2017-05-06 02:36

Sample now is not finished , we are still updating some small bugs. 

“Early released models may need firmware updates”

Please note that in order to make sure every dealer have profit, so we make a MOQ:50pcs and retail price is not less than 219usd.
Please note that the MD-2017 programming cable is unique